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Book One, Page 18

Last Good Morning pg 18

NOTES: Hee Hee, if it’s not clear, is actually that character’s name.  He’s the right-hand man to King Ayummayumma. I enjoyed drawing the bottom panel as it was the first full-on “action” panel in the book.  I purposefully inked the main figures of Crunch and Tony in a heightened, detailed mainstream comics manner as if […]

Book One, Page 15

Last Good Morning pg 15

NOTES: What can one say about Sugar Bear (Post’s Super Sugar Crisp cereal)?  I loved his commercials (not a huge fan of the cereal, though).  He was unflappable and cool with his hipster-ish Bing Crosby/Dean Martin-ish voice.  And then, in the ’80s, for just a while, he had the ability to become the hulked-out “Super […]

Book One, Page 10

Last Good Morning pg 10

NOTES: Here we have my first teases at what the “grand story” is.  Krum’s mention of the king and wizard’s disappearances plants the seed and, for me anyway, works on a couple of levels.  On the meta level, Krum speaks of stepping up to keep the order in Cookie Jarvis’s absence; this was my way […]

Book One, Page 9

Last Good Morning pg 9

NOTES: Ahh, and nothing’s funnier than police brutality, am I right?  In view of the later revelation about the relationship between Cop and Crook, I find this page much creepier in hindsight. And a bit of back-patting, I’ve always been proud of this page layout.  Go, me!

Book One, Page 6

Last Good Morning pg 6

NOTES: The first appearance of “The Big Two:” Cap’n Crunch (Quaker’s Cap’n Crunch cereal) and Tony the Tiger (Kelloggs’ Frosted Flakes).  I’ll make no bones about it – these two characters (as well as their respective cereals) are my favorites of the whole bunch.  Plus their stature as long-standing, extremely popular mascots made them naturals […]

Dramatis Personae

CAP’N CRUNCH The most noble of men and an inspiration to all Horatio Magellan Crunch, born and raised on Crunch Island long ago, has discovered many wonderful treasures in his years on the Milk Seas. One such treasure was the Fountain of Youth which, along with a diet rich in the elusive mineral Crunchium, has […]

Book One: The Last Good Morning

Last Good Morning cover

This is where it all begins, gentle readers.  Enjoy! NOTES: I had the titles and basic design for all three covers from very early on.  “The Last Good Morning” was my attempt at homage/send-up of all the great, bleak noir classics like “The Long Goodbye.” Most catch the recurring visual motif on the covers of […]