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Book Two, Page 30 (End of O Cap’n, My Cap’n)

Annotations to come!

Book Two, Page 29

Annotations to come!

Book Two, Page 28

Annotations to come!

Book Two, Page 27

Annotations to come!

Book One, Page 25

Last Good Morning pg 25

NOTES: I like this page.  Anytime I can take a beat and let the emotional impact of some dramatic plot point sink in, I’m all for it.  And this is my favorite drawing of the Cap’n I did for the whole series.  Even with what looks like the aftermath of a Gallagher performance behind him, […]

Book One, Page 20

Last Good Morning pg 20

NOTES: Look at me trying some dynamic page layout!  And wee Carlyle gets it from a giant strawberry – what a delicious, delicious way to go.  Though there’s some hardcore violence on this page, I was always happy to present the Cap’n as a total badass.  Part of the “success” of BOTG is the marriage […]

Book One, Page 19

Last Good Morning pg 19

NOTES: Not a lot to say about this page other than enjoy the one small appearance of poor Carlyle in the 5th panel.  Oh, and I’m rather proud of creating the “spoonapult.”

Book One, Pages 16 & 17

Last Good Morning pgs 16-17

NOTES: Okay, one of the big ones.  This spread exists for a few reasons.  One: a preamble to the conflict to come on the next page.  Two: it’s an exposition dump where I can elaborate on Cerealia’s complicated history for the first time; I really wanted to shade Cap’n Crunch as a character a bit […]

Book Two: O Cap’n, My Cap’n

O Cap

Book One, Page 14

Last Good Morning pg 14

NOTES: This page features one of my biggest blunders, character-wise, and one that I was forced to perpetuate through the rest of the series.  I knew Seadog was Crunch’s first mate, I vaguely remembered him from the commercials of the ’70s, but I seem to have forgotten one of his main traits: he doesn’t talk. […]