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Book Three, Page 40

Annotations to come!

Book Two, Page 13

Annotations to come!

Book One, Page 13

Last Good Morning pg 13

NOTES: This page, heh, this page gets a lot of comments.  The idea of torturing Snap, Crackle and Pop in ways that play off their names was one of the first that occurred to me when I was coming up with the story. It was sick, I know, but it was very me.  For years […]

Book One, Page 11

Last Good Morning pg 11

NOTES: The “sleeping king” is a classic fantasy trope that predates even the Arthurian romances.  So, yeah, it’s good enough for BOTG. Ditto torture scenes. And hopefully a few people get that it’s Boo Berry sneakily leaving the scene in the last panel.  I was never really sure if that was clear enough.

Book One, Page 7

Last Good Morning pg 7

NOTES: Here I finally address the burning question: How do people sleep in a world of perpetual morning?  Why, with sleep masks on, of course! Our debuts of Snap, Crackle and Pop (who, because of the napping scenario and subsequent abduction, I never got to draw wearing their trademark hats).  Snap (Kelloggs’ Rice Krispies cereal) […]