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Book Two, Page 25

Annotations to come!

Book One, Page 28

Last Good Morning pg 28

Annotations to come!

Book One, Page 27

Last Good Morning pg 27

Annotations to come!

Book One, Page 6

Last Good Morning pg 6

NOTES: The first appearance of “The Big Two:” Cap’n Crunch (Quaker’s Cap’n Crunch cereal) and Tony the Tiger (Kelloggs’ Frosted Flakes).  I’ll make no bones about it – these two characters (as well as their respective cereals) are my favorites of the whole bunch.  Plus their stature as long-standing, extremely popular mascots made them naturals […]

Book One: The Last Good Morning

Last Good Morning cover

This is where it all begins, gentle readers.  Enjoy! NOTES: I had the titles and basic design for all three covers from very early on.  “The Last Good Morning” was my attempt at homage/send-up of all the great, bleak noir classics like “The Long Goodbye.” Most catch the recurring visual motif on the covers of […]