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Book Three, Page 21

Annotations to come!

Book Three, Page 2

Annotations to come!

Book One, Page 9

Last Good Morning pg 9

NOTES: Ahh, and nothing’s funnier than police brutality, am I right?  In view of the later revelation about the relationship between Cop and Crook, I find this page much creepier in hindsight. And a bit of back-patting, I’ve always been proud of this page layout.  Go, me!

Book One, Page 8

Last Good Morning pg 8

NOTE: One of the most delightful parts of writing this book was in playing with character tropes.  When faced with the introduction of Officer Krum (a.k.a. The Cookie Cop of Ralston’s Cookie Crisp cereal), I knew I had to use the hard-bitten cop “voice-over” so over-used in fiction, TV and film.  He’s the world-weary cop […]

Dramatis Personae

CAP’N CRUNCH The most noble of men and an inspiration to all Horatio Magellan Crunch, born and raised on Crunch Island long ago, has discovered many wonderful treasures in his years on the Milk Seas. One such treasure was the Fountain of Youth which, along with a diet rich in the elusive mineral Crunchium, has […]