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Book Three, Page 45 (End of Apocalypse Yum)

Annotations to come!

Book Three, Page 44

Annotations to come!

Book Two, Page 30 (End of O Cap’n, My Cap’n)

Annotations to come!

Book Two, Page 21

Annotations to come!

Book One, Pages 16 & 17

Last Good Morning pgs 16-17

NOTES: Okay, one of the big ones.  This spread exists for a few reasons.  One: a preamble to the conflict to come on the next page.  Two: it’s an exposition dump where I can elaborate on Cerealia’s complicated history for the first time; I really wanted to shade Cap’n Crunch as a character a bit […]

Book One, Page 4

Last Good Morning Pg 4

NOTES: Cerealia is mentioned by name for the first time.  I always hated the name (invented by my 19 year-old self) but I later learned that “Cerealia” was an ancient Roman festival in celebration of Ceres, the goddess of the hearth and grain crops.  The goddess of cereal! I was really proud of inventing the […]