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Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where Are You? (R)

by Velma Dinkley     Originally serialized in the August ~November 1995 issues of Vanity Fair magazine   It’s one of those days where I hate both Smith and Corona. Though they produce fine products for those of us who so unwisely decided we had something to say and needed tools with which to say […]

Gonna Have A Good Time (R)

He took the stairs one at a time. Stepping up and bringing both feet together, he paused to catch his breath. It was slow going as he made the fourth-floor landing and he noted with grim familiarity and not a little trepidation the drum solo his heart was performing in his chest. With the swish […]

Final Entry: Harvey Mansion Investigation (PG)

prepared by Dr. Sal Band, the American Society for Psychical Research Harvey, Illinois – September 13, 1988 – 4:45 AM. Our last night of a heretofore fruitless investigation of the house at 18 Mulgrave Street in Harvey, Illinois. Perhaps “fruitless” is a bit of an over­statement, we have detected the familiar drastic fluctuations in the […]

Befuddled (PG)

As originally published in the September 1962 issue of Esquire magazine. Had you met this man just one year ago today, the surroundings would have been quite different. All necessary arrangements would have been made through a personal secretary and household staff. A limo would have been sent and one would spend the leisurely drive […]