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Book One, Page 5

Last Good Morning Pg 5

NOTES: A page totally in the service of parody.  I do so love those omniscient commentators that often pop up in comic book crossovers and mega-events.  Nothing says “oooohhh shit – here we go!” like a fourth-wall breaking cameo by The Spectre or The Watcher or Metron of the New Gods. Here we have our […]

Book One, Page 4

Last Good Morning Pg 4

NOTES: Cerealia is mentioned by name for the first time.  I always hated the name (invented by my 19 year-old self) but I later learned that “Cerealia” was an ancient Roman festival in celebration of Ceres, the goddess of the hearth and grain crops.  The goddess of cereal! I was really proud of inventing the […]

Book One, Page 3

Last Good Morning pg 3

NOTES: Okay, now you know what you’re in for. I get asked a lot if I had (have) any particular dislike for poor Buzz Bee to have disposed of him in such a brutal fashion.  And, to be honest, yeah, kinda.  Basically, I wanted a character to be offed graphically at the very beginning of […]

Book One, Page 2

Last Good Morning Pg 2

NOTES: Our first look at the “big bad” of the series and a personal favorite (as a cereal and a character): Count Chocula (General Mills’ Count Chocula cereal).  Had great fun designing the bat-themed throne and throne room here.  I also gave the suits of armor helmets mimicking Chocula’s unique hairstyle, which you get a […]

Book One, Page 1

Last Good Morning Pg. 1

NOTES: Our first glimpses of Franken Berry (General Mills’ Franken Berry cereal) and Buzz Bee (General Mills’ Honey Nut Cheerios).  Yeah, I know, for the longest time I didn’t know he had a name either.  This will also be the first of many shout-outs to the amazing Topher and his online resource: Topher’s Breakfast Cereal […]