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Book Three, Page 24

Annotations to come!

Book Three, Page 17

Annotations to come!

Book Three, Page 16

Annotations to come!

Book Two, Page 27

Annotations to come!

Book One, Page 27

Last Good Morning pg 27

Annotations to come!

Book One, Page 24

Last Good Morning pg 24

NOTES: Chocula the master manipulator!  Not much to note on this page other than Brunnhilde proving, yet again, to be tougher than her fellow crewman Alfie.  Oh, and I’m fond of the mirrored forms in the last two panels: Ayummayumma’s hand and the cup, the king’s slumping body and Crunch’s posture. 

Book One, Page 21

Last Good Morning pg 21

NOTES: Ayummayumma’s wicker throne atop the cage of the Crunchberry Beast was a fun idea and fun to draw as was Ayummayumma himself.  All credit for turning me on to the existence of Fruit Islands cereal goes to my art school buddies Greg Lovinski and Jason McDonald.  I had never heard of the cereal (was […]

Book One, Page 19

Last Good Morning pg 19

NOTES: Not a lot to say about this page other than enjoy the one small appearance of poor Carlyle in the 5th panel.  Oh, and I’m rather proud of creating the “spoonapult.”

Book One, Page 4

Last Good Morning Pg 4

NOTES: Cerealia is mentioned by name for the first time.  I always hated the name (invented by my 19 year-old self) but I later learned that “Cerealia” was an ancient Roman festival in celebration of Ceres, the goddess of the hearth and grain crops.  The goddess of cereal! I was really proud of inventing the […]