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Book Three, Page 43

Annotations to come!

Book Three, Page 10

Annotations to come!

Book Two, Page 19

Annotations to come!

Book One, Page 26

Last Good Morning pg 26

NOTES: The whole layout of this page was an intentional callback to page 5 (go take a look!) from the vision of Crunch in the flame like Buzz Bee in the scrying cereal bowl to the frame around the central characters (lucky charms instead of Celtic spoons and bowls). And here we finally see Lucky […]

Book One, Page 13

Last Good Morning pg 13

NOTES: This page, heh, this page gets a lot of comments.  The idea of torturing Snap, Crackle and Pop in ways that play off their names was one of the first that occurred to me when I was coming up with the story. It was sick, I know, but it was very me.  For years […]

Book One, Page 12

Last Good Morning pg 12

NOTES: What originally drew me to Count Chocula (the character and the cereal) was my love for Dracula (the character, NOT the cereal).  Long time Drac fan right here and, as such, I’ve always loved villains with a highly romantic self-image; the kind of guys who will, on any given night, step onto a parapet […]

Book One, Page 11

Last Good Morning pg 11

NOTES: The “sleeping king” is a classic fantasy trope that predates even the Arthurian romances.  So, yeah, it’s good enough for BOTG. Ditto torture scenes. And hopefully a few people get that it’s Boo Berry sneakily leaving the scene in the last panel.  I was never really sure if that was clear enough.

Dramatis Personae

CAP’N CRUNCH The most noble of men and an inspiration to all Horatio Magellan Crunch, born and raised on Crunch Island long ago, has discovered many wonderful treasures in his years on the Milk Seas. One such treasure was the Fountain of Youth which, along with a diet rich in the elusive mineral Crunchium, has […]