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Die Alone (R)

The good boys and girls of his squad had expressed their con­dolences for his drawing the short straw shift-wise. Doubling up Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, that’s tough, they all said and he had to smile at the memory of that. Everybody’s done it at some point, they consoled, they knew what it was like. […]

Game Over (R)

The guys he worked with called it “the blip,” a side effect of being glued to the screens of an ATC system for twelve hours a day. After tracking half a day’s worth of incoming and outgoing flights – not planeloads of people with families waiting for them, but Rorschach pixels of radar bounceback on […]

The McConell Transcript (PG)

Compiled and Edited by Daniel Funderburke (MUFON) Editor’s note: What follows is an abridged transcript of a panel dis­cussion which occurred on July 1st, 1990 at the Pensacola Hilton Hotel in Pensacola, Florida as part of the Mutual UFO Network’s Annual Symposium. MUFON’s symposium theme that year was “UFOs: The Impact of E.T. Contact upon […]

Gonna Have A Good Time (R)

He took the stairs one at a time. Stepping up and bringing both feet together, he paused to catch his breath. It was slow going as he made the fourth-floor landing and he noted with grim familiarity and not a little trepidation the drum solo his heart was performing in his chest. With the swish […]

Final Entry: Harvey Mansion Investigation (PG)

prepared by Dr. Sal Band, the American Society for Psychical Research Harvey, Illinois – September 13, 1988 – 4:45 AM. Our last night of a heretofore fruitless investigation of the house at 18 Mulgrave Street in Harvey, Illinois. Perhaps “fruitless” is a bit of an over­statement, we have detected the familiar drastic fluctuations in the […]