In the fall of 2010, when I had finalized pre-production on the trade collection of BOTG – This Complete Breakfast of the Gods available here – I turned to the amazing site called to help me raise the funds needed to make this dream a physical reality.

The folks below all pledged between $5 and $500(!) to cover the printing costs of that initial run and, as such, they are enshrined here in tribute!  I can’t thank you all enough!

Jeffrey D Angus

Mikal Belicove

Kay Bethea (a.k.a. “Mom”)

Phil Bordelon

Darren Brown

Bill Butler

Geb Buxton

Spiros Carosoulos

Jim Dayton

Barry Deutsch

DJ Fusion

Patrick Duke

Mike Ferraro

Boaz Frankel

Angela Galinis

Sara Goetske

Will Golden

Sean Graham

Justin Hilyard

Raffi Hovnanian

Tiff Hudson

Joseph Jackson

Chris Karukas

Patrick Kenny

Patrick Lam

Lynn Jones Leggett

Lawrence Lin

Josh Maher

Sean Martin

Daniel Morrison

Joe Piz

Liz Reay

Tazz Richards

R.B. Ripley

Scott Moskal

Dave Stephenson


Frederick Thomas

Francis Trifiro

Patrick White

Jonathan Wilwayco

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