Book One, Page 6

Last Good Morning pg 6

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The first appearance of “The Big Two:” Cap’n Crunch (Quaker’s Cap’n Crunch cereal) and Tony the Tiger (Kelloggs’ Frosted Flakes).  I’ll make no bones about it – these two characters (as well as their respective cereals) are my favorites of the whole bunch.  Plus their stature as long-standing, extremely popular mascots made them naturals to be leaders.  They’re both responsible, charismatic, and altruistic figures; they’re both family men (Crunch may not have any biological offspring, but he’s clearly the father figure to his crew of young orphans); they are upright and good.  Plus, I like the timeless mentor/acolyte dynamic.

Also on display here are the Freakies (Ralston’s Freakies cereal) who, although the heyday of their brand was during my early childhood, I have no recollection of ever seeing a single commercial or eating their cereal.  Huh.  But I found them too awesome and cultish not to include.  Plus I like their “Greek chorus” aspect throughout the book (which I should have used more).  I liked the fact that Cerealia’s “Boot Hill” would reside under the shadow of the Freakies’ tree.

Completely Useless Trivia: My parents love to remind me of when I was about 3 years old and had a little navy blue windbreaker with a ship’s pilot wheel stitched on the front in white.  Apparently I was fond of running around in that jacket proclaiming in mangled toddler speech, “I Cap’n Clunch!”

I have grown up a lot since then (obviously) and now only say that phrase when meeting attractive single ladies.  For some reason, this tack has been less than successful.