Book One, Page 4

Last Good Morning Pg 4

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Cerealia is mentioned by name for the first time.  I always hated the name (invented by my 19 year-old self) but I later learned that “Cerealia” was an ancient Roman festival in celebration of Ceres, the goddess of the hearth and grain crops.  The goddess of cereal!

I was really proud of inventing the “Milk Seas” (which were necessary just so the end of the comic would “play”) until I discovered that Cap’n Crunch had been sailing Milk Seas in his original commercials.  Again, it just made me look like I had done my homework so it’s all good.

Here we are introduced to two of the Cap’n’s crew, Alfie and Brunhilde (Quaker’s Cap’n Crunch cereal).  Alfie, among all the hundred-plus characters walking through the pages, is the one whose role grew larger and more interesting as the book progressed.  At this point in the creation of BOTG, he really was just going to be the wimpy milksop he appears here.  I’m very happy that I didn’t leave him as such.

Absolutely worthless trivia: as this was an early page, I hadn’t quite gotten used to drawing the requisite four-fingered cartoon hands and this page was originally posted with a five-fingered hand on Alfie.

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