Book One, Page 26

Last Good Morning pg 26

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The whole layout of this page was an intentional callback to page 5 (go take a look!) from the vision of Crunch in the flame like Buzz Bee in the scrying cereal bowl to the frame around the central characters (lucky charms instead of Celtic spoons and bowls).

And here we finally see Lucky the Leprechaun (General Mills’ Lucky Charms cereal), a classic character many readers had been waiting for.  However, the revelation of what side he was on caused some controversy.  And it did when Greg, Jason and I first talked of these warring characters back in 1988.  My point then (and now) was: take a look at his commercials.  Lucky is always trying to keep kids from getting his cereal.  He’s obsessive, paranoid and completely selfish.  When, at the end of every ad, he finally is trapped into sharing his Lucky Charms, he puts on a smile for the camera – but I always suspected it was forced.  Lucky, all told, is a bastard.  And I’m glad, because the bad guys needed mystical might on their side and, frankly, evil Lucky was fun to write.