Book One, Page 23

Last Good Morning pg 23

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Here’s a page I’m particularly proud of.  Throughout the series I would set little artistic challenges for myself.  One thing in comics art you don’t often see is a 12 panel page (unless you’re Chris Ware and routinely offer up 36 panel pages).  Obviously the panels are so small by this point that the amount of story that can be told is shrunk drastically, but I wanted to slow a moment down, giving a beat to multiple actions all happening within a compressed amount of time.  I was trying to underline the chaos and inevitability in this scene and, in the end, I was pretty happy with it.

Oh, and here’s Dig’Em’s big badass moment.  The gun is meant to look like a Glock .9mm, ’cause that’s how he rolls.  Awww yyeah.