Book One, Page 15

Last Good Morning pg 15

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What can one say about Sugar Bear (Post’s Super Sugar Crisp cereal)?  I loved his commercials (not a huge fan of the cereal, though).  He was unflappable and cool with his hipster-ish Bing Crosby/Dean Martin-ish voice.  And then, in the ’80s, for just a while, he had the ability to become the hulked-out “Super Bear” when needed.  That was an odd, throwaway bit of trivia — but it gave me an idea.

BOTG is a parody of the tropes of cereal advertising, sure, but even moreso a parody of mainstream superhero comics.  And one very popular staple of superhero comics (at least since the arrival of The Incredible Hulk in 1962) is the dangerous, chaotic, out-of-control hero, the berserker best exemplified by the X-Men’s Wolverine.  I thought it would be fun(ny) to give Sugar Bear that dynamic.  He’s laconic and cool on the outside, but constantly keeping a raging, violent alter-ego in check on the inside.

Nobody Cares But Me Insider Tidbit: I was glad that “Super Bear” would not be revealed until Book Three because it took me forever (pretty much since the early days of the internet) to find picture reference of that obscure character.  Eventually I found scans of old cereal boxes on eBay as well as one very grainy vintage commercial some kind soul put on YouTube.  Super Bear looked pretty much the way I’d remembered him.