Book One, Page 14

Last Good Morning pg 14

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This page features one of my biggest blunders, character-wise, and one that I was forced to perpetuate through the rest of the series.  I knew Seadog was Crunch’s first mate, I vaguely remembered him from the commercials of the ’70s, but I seem to have forgotten one of his main traits: he doesn’t talk.  Yep, in none of the Cap’n Crunch commercials in which he is featured, does the dog in the sailor’s cap talk.  He whistles, blows a trumpet, giggles, but doesn’t say a word.

Nobody ever called me on it, so allow me to cry “foul” on myself.

Another broad jump I made in characterization is Dig’Em.  Every action epic has to have its street-wise scrapper, rough around the edges and ready for anything.  It may have just been his visual look (always in the ball cap and windbreaker and kicks), but Dig’Em (Kelloggs’ Sugar Smacks cereal) fit the bill.  I, being me, did have to take it further and make him speak in cartoonish, instantly dated, “street jive.”  He was a fun character to use throughout.

Don’t know if the “hopping POV” shots at the top of the page worked but, hey, I tried.

Sidenote: I had a blast drawing the Cap’n’s study.  Observe the tiny version of the Cerealia map on the wall behind him.