Book One, Page 12

Last Good Morning pg 12

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What originally drew me to Count Chocula (the character and the cereal) was my love for Dracula (the character, NOT the cereal).  Long time Drac fan right here and, as such, I’ve always loved villains with a highly romantic self-image; the kind of guys who will, on any given night, step onto a parapet and monologue at the night sky.

Of course the Count received quit a bit of personality tweaking in BOTG; in short, I needed him to be a believable threat, Evil with a capital “E”.  In the original commercials he (along with Franken Berry, Boo Berry, and Fruit Brute) is portrayed as a harmless shill for his cereal easily spooked by thunder claps, children or his fellow monsters.  The last panel on this page is one of the only references I make to his true high-strung, secretly cowardly nature.