Book One, Page 10

Last Good Morning pg 10

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Here we have my first teases at what the “grand story” is.  Krum’s mention of the king and wizard’s disappearances plants the seed and, for me anyway, works on a couple of levels.  On the meta level, Krum speaks of stepping up to keep the order in Cookie Jarvis’s absence; this was my way of drawing storylines out of the actual history of the ad campaigns these characters were born from.  Cookie Jarvis was, in fact, the original mascot for Cookie Crisp cereal until he was replaced with the Cookie Cop (not named “Officer Krum” until General Mills bought Ralston in the ’90s), the Cookie Crook and Chip the Cookie Hound.  So, in effect, Krum DID step in to fill the gap when Jarvis vanished.

Nitpicky detail that nobody cares about but me: The original head I drew on Tony in panel two always bugged me, so here you see my revised art.