BREAKFAST OF THE GODS is a satirical webcomic trilogy by Brendan Douglas Jones featuring some very familiar faces from your breakfast table.

The tale is set in Cerealia, a land eternally bathed in morning sunlight. But troubled days have come to fair Cerealia in the wake of the mysterious disappearance of the king and his wizard adviser. For the first time a shadow has fallen over the land, a shadow named Chocula. Noble and wise, the old sea captain Horatio M. Crunch has stepped up to lead the fight against Count Chocula’s forces of darkness. What follows is the most important battle of their lives as well as the most important meal of the day.

Author’s Disclaimer

Some of the imagery and plot of BOTG is purposefully adult (that’s right – satire can be grim!) and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to any who take offense to my treatment of these beloved icons. Please understand, dear readers, that I have created BOTG out of quite a staggering respect and affection for every character seen within its pages.

And (though, really, it goes without saying) I fully admit not owning or creating these characters. These advertising icons are the sole property of such fine corporations as General Mills, Kelloggs, Post, Quaker Oats and Ralston and each was created by widely uncelebrated advertising men (with the possible exception of Cap’n Crunch and his crew, which were the product of the great Jay Ward of “Rocky & Bullwinkle” fame).

I would like to thank them for a childhood of inundation, coercion and wonder as I both consumed their products and eagerly watched the 30 to 60 second adventures of their animated spokespeople and spokesanimals every Saturday morning.

And I would also like to thank them for, thus far, ignoring my little epic here, reminding them (and you all) that no harrowing drama or blistering satire I concoct on these pages takes any money out of their pockets or makes their wares any less tasty.

In fact, I think I’ll have another bowl of the cereal of my choice right now!

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  1. Sophie Lagacé says:

    My husband and I received our copy of the “Breakfast of the Gods” book a few days ago, and I’m really pleased that it saw the light of day in print. Not only have I enjoyed the art, and the way it kept getting even better page after page, but I have been even more impressed with the story and the character development. Though using what one might consider the peak of frivolousness as a starting point — cereal commercial mascots?? — it was very deep, gritty, clever, and consistent. Never soggy in milk.

    I think that perhaps the very lack of of plausible commercial outlet for this work, the very gratuitousness of it — that is, it was created out of pure love and the desire to tell and good story for others to enjoy — is what made it so valuable.

    Thank you, Mr. Jones!

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