Brendan Douglas Jones is a Mississippi-born, Texas-bred Californian living in Oregon.   Along the way he’s been a professional illustrator, (self)published author, lead singer in a rock band, stand-up comedian and TV kiddie show host. He’s also eaten plenty of cereal.

His goal is, and has been since he was a sprout, to make a living telling tales.  His great love is comics but he spent several years pursuing Hollywood’s dime and has a shelf-load of spec screenplays and TV scripts to prove it.  And, as visitors to the site will discover, he also has a knack for unsolicited prose “adaptations” of the varied pop culture icons of his youth.  In short, Brendan has an almost pathological obsession with borrowing, using, reshaping, elevating, deflating, ennobling, and exploring the works (characters) of others. Never content with his own, he gets the most joy playing in other people’s sandboxes.

Self-sabotaging hack?  Or genius?

You decide!