You’ve found the new home of the webcomic smash BREAKFAST OF THE GODS – but you’ve also found more, so much more!

The BOTG trilogy was completed in January of 2010, but here you’ll find the entire series, newly furnished with my annotations. You’ll also find my biographical snippets of the cast under the “Dramatis Personae” link.

Best yet, if you feel your bookshelf is lacking a certain something, indeed, if you feel your life itself has a BOTG shaped hole in it, fill it with the newly available trade collection THIS COMPLETE BREAKFAST OF THE GODS! It’s the full series PLUS eight new pages of back story featuring art by some of my amazing friends in the pro/indie comics scene AND an essay called “Behind The Bowl” in which I blather on and on about the origins of BOTG to the delight of, er, maybe you! Click on the “Buy The Book” link!

A special treat for those of you who only know me from the sugary-sweet goodness of BOTG is the section entitled “Other Stories.” There you’ll find a library of my prose pieces showcasing the kind of love and respect for copyright and trademark that you’ve come to expect from Brendan Douglas Jones! (Okay, it’s “fanfic” but it’s worth your time – trust me)

Enjoy your time here and tell all your (non lawyer) friends!